A letter from Defaced...

As a band we want to extend a massive thank you to everyone that has supported DEFACED so far; whether it's been through a like, a listen, a share, or even just by putting up with the noise that we make, it's all truly appreciated!
2020 bring a new year and a new challenge for us, we intend to release our first full length album.

This is where we need your help; we've setup a GoFundMe campaign (Click the logo on the right or below on mobile) and would really appreciate you, reading this, parting with a little of your hard earned cash to help us achieve this dream. Grass roots music isn't cheap so any amount that you can give to help us out will be much appreciated and all the 'donations' buy you some awesome merch and perks as well so we wont leave you empty handed either!

Please click the link to see the full details and what we have to offer! If you can't help us financially, please share the link to spread the word, it all helps!
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

- Curtis, Jon, Chris, Rob & Lee